social justice report

We provided writing and design for this summary of civil legal needs based on research conducted by UNCG

Did you know? Whereas the Sixth Amendment guarantees the right to legal counsel to most criminal defendants, there is almost no civil right to counsel in the United States. A large percentage of the population in North Carolina cannot afford the services of a private attorney. Each year, thousands of North Carolinians must navigate complex...Continue reading

Debt Buyer report sample by archetype

Debt By Default: Debt Collection Practices in Washington 2012–2016, A CRL Report Designed by Archetype

Archetype has helped create dozens of reports for the Center for Responsible Lending, since 2001. In March of 2019, we provided editing and graphic design for this 19-page report authored by CRL staff members Tom Feltner, Julia Barnard, and Lisa Stifler. The report outlines how increases in consumer debt in recent decades have led to significant growth in the...Continue reading

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