Legal Aid of NC Justice Guide April 2024

Archetype recently provided writing and graphic design for the spring issue of JusticeGuide, a regular publication of long-time client Legal Aid of North Carolina. Each issue contains civil legal information on a variety of topics and directs people to other resources as well. In addition to being a printed booklet distributed throughout the state, JusticeGuide is accessible as a PDF on the organization’s website. Artwork from the guide is repurposed on social media to raise awareness about civil legal issues and the availability of free legal assistance for low-income people who qualify.

We’re proud to have supported the marketing efforts of Legal Aid of North Carolina since 2001. The third largest law firm in the state, Legal Aid has 23 offices that serve all 100 counties. In 2023, their staff of 400 managed more than 25,000 cases. Top service areas included domestic abuse, eviction, immigration/naturalization, federally subsidized housing, and criminal record expungement. Legal Aid empowered more than 65,000 North Carolinians to understand and assert their rights in 2023, and their efforts extended to 30,000 children. The average annual household income of their clients in 2023 was $21,635.

LANC Justice Guide Spring 2024

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