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To market, to market: survival and growth in any economy

Whether you’re part of a small business, a nonprofit, or a multinational corporation, a strategic marketing effort is essential to your survival and growth. The simple truth is that people

Basic tips for creating an effective website

Do you need a branded website with quality content that’s easy to update? In addition to design/build, we offer any level of content production from writing original text to proofing

Repurposing print content for social media

SHIFT NC is one of our many nonprofit clients that finds a professionally designed and printed annual report to be an extremely effective tool for fundraising. The utility of a

How to prep content for design & layout

Many clients ask how they can best prepare the content for their website or printed piece before providing it to us for design. If you are writing your own text,
Archetype green practices


Archetype is committed to implementing environmentally-friendly business practices. Examples of “green” policies and procedures include: Using recycled paper products whenever possible. Buying compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs). Driving a fuel-efficient vehicle.
Tips for checking print jobs

Checking your job on press

You do NOT want to make any changes once your job goes on press, unless the change is absolutely critical; most changes at this stage are very expensive. The press operator
Graphic design and writing samples

Checking your printer proofs

It’s critical to review the final proof(s) provided by the printer as carefully as you reviewed the ones you received from us. Unless you do a press check, the proofs
Graphic design and writing samples

Our philosophy

Marketing in some form is essential to the success of every company and nonprofit organization. All of your marketing efforts combine to form your image. Your image in the community can

Make your reports work harder for you

The expectations for communicating with the members of your target market continue to ratchet up. If you find it challenging to stay abreast of the demand for quality content, part

Giving credit where it’s due: free stock photos

Did you know that a ton of great stock photography is available FREE online for use in your marketing materials? Here’s a small sampling of images we’ve included in recent

Getting started with slide decks

Check out this article that provides a succinct explanation of how to use SlideShare as an effective marketing tool. Included are tips for increasing the impact of individual slides, as