Repurposing print content for social media

SHIFT NC is one of our many nonprofit clients that finds a professionally designed and printed annual report to be an extremely effective tool for fundraising. The utility of a well-planned and executed report can go far beyond dissemination through events, mailings, and meetings. The most effective nonprofit organizations know they must function at a high level online as well. Repurposing infographics and other content from printed pieces for social media, HTML email campaigns, and video helps create an online presence that conveys success and facilitates growth. You must meet your supporters where they are—which today is the internet.

Using proven approaches to get positive results, SHIFT NC strengthens the capacity of communities, systems, families, organizations, professionals, and young people themselves to improve teen health across the state. Archetype adapted the infographics of key accomplishments from pages 6 and 7 of their annual report for use on social media. This allowed the organization to reinforce their messaging, reach a wider audience, and motivate more people to get involved in their efforts. Because infographics convey information in a visually appealing and easily accessible way, they typically have higher than average engagement rates on social media.

In addition to design and layout, Archetype provided editing, print management, and project management for this 12-page annual report for SHIFT NC. Our services are a la carte; you purchase only the ones you need for a given project. And, of course forprofit companies can also keep up with the insatiable demand for online content by repurposing art and text from print pieces for their social networks and HTML email campaigns.

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