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The expectations for communicating with the members of your target market continue to ratchet up. If you find it challenging to stay abreast of the demand for quality content, part of the answer lies in appropriately repurposing existing content. Let us help you make your existing content provide greater ROI. We can convert reports and sales collateral to PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote, and other presentation software for live (or webinar) presentations. You can also post your slide deck on SlideShare and other social media networks. Additional strategies for repurposing content:

Include a link to the report in an HTML (or standard) email—or even in your email signature.

Turn the report into a WordPress website.

Create a short video for YouTube based on the report content.

Share a hard copy or PDF at one-on-one meetings to support a big ask.

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Some people produce a report and put it on a shelf. That’s not you.

Use key elements from the report such as infographics & testimonials on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & other social media platforms.

Print & mail with a thank-you note or solicitation letter.

Distribute copies at events for major supporters.

Add the report to your LinkedIn company page & your personal profile page.

Use select content for digital printing projects like thank-you posters & trade show exhibits.

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More ways that you can reuse that report content.

Release the report as a PDF via email.

Convert to an interactive PDF & post on your site and social media networks to boost SEO.

Convert a graphic from the report into an animation for your website or social media platforms.

Create a short video that features a client or staff person profiled in your report to share on your website.

Write short blog posts about the creation of the report while it’s in production.

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