Tips for checking print jobs

Checking your job on press

You do NOT want to make any changes once your job goes on press, unless the change is absolutely critical; most changes at this stage are very expensive. The press operator can, however, make some adjustments regarding color, ink coverage, etc.

We recommend that you check the following when you look at your job on the press:

  1. Ask the press operator if you have any questions about color quality or photo quality.
  2. If this is a spot color job, is your correct PMS being used? (PMS is the acronym for Pantone Matching System, the system designed by the Pantone company to ensure that ink colors print as consistently as possible.) If this is a four-color process job and your PMS colors are being built, is the match fairly close to your PMS?
  3. Is the ink coverage smooth and even? (This is especially important to check on jobs with large fields of solid color.)
    Is your job being printed on the correct paper?
  4. Check that the last changes that you made appear in the sheets coming off of the press.
  5. Proof everything one final time when possible (when the copy is very minimal); or, proof the cover or the most important part of your job (such as your phone number, website address, and mailing indicia).
  6. Ask the press operator if you have any concerns or questions about anything you see on your proof. If you don’t receive a satisfactory answer, call us: 919.835.0450.