The Children’s Aid Society
Carrera Adolescent Pregnancy
Prevention Program

Power Group Curriculum for 9th Grade

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The 9th grade curriculum contained a total of
83 pages. Archetype provided design and editing
for multiple grade levels of Power Group.


Center for Responsible Lending

Research Report on Debt-Collection Reforms

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We have been producing lengthy reports for CRL for more than 15 years. This report features multiple graphs and tables and is 41 pages in length.


Legal Aid of North Carolina

Annual Report 2009

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The annual report for 2009 features the unusual page size of 8.5” x 8.5”, is 36 pages long, and includes a comprehensive donor list. LANC has been an Archetype client since 2001; their annual report has been a highly effective fundraising tool.

Graphic Design Firm Sample Annual Report



Impact Report 2016

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This is the third annual impact report Archetype created for MiracleFeet, a young and rapidly growing nonprofit that provides clubfoot treatment to children in the developing world.


NC Equal Access to
Justice Commission

Economic Development Report

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NC EAJC’s mission is to expand access to the civil justice system for low-income people in NC. Members are from a broad range of organizations that coordinate the delivery of civil legal aid services. Report findings include that the total positive economic impact of legal aid services in NC in 2012 was more than $48 million.


Camp Corral

Summary Report 2011–2014

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Camp Corral is a young organization that has experienced 700% growth since 2011. This summary report outlines the accomplishments of the first four years of operations and features photos of actual campers and staff.


NC Coalition Against
Domestic Violence

25th Anniversary Report

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This report uses a combination of photos and illustrations. Other projects we completed for NCCADV included a 25th anniversary logo, conference materials, a history project, a prevention plan, and an HTML email template.

United Way of the
Greater Triangle

Data Analysis Report on Improving
Health & Human Services

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This 76-page report provides expert analysis of key areas of health and human services in the Triangle region of North Carolina and offers recommendations for moving forward. Other projects Archetype completed for United Way of the Greater Triangle included infographics, impact reports, and donor recognition materials.


Youth Thrive

Wake County Secondary Data
Report on the State of Our Youth

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Youth Thrive is a collaborative partnership working together to support all Wake County youth in becoming productive adults. Other work completed for this client includes a CMS website, an HTML email template, copy editing, and marketing consulting.


Center for Responsible Lending

State of Lending Report: Cumulative
Costs of Predatory Practices

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This 50-page chapter concludes a report on predatory lending that provides an overview of the finances of the typical American household and addresses abuses related to mortgages, auto loans, credit cards, and student loans.

The Children’s Aid Society
Carrera Adolescent Pregnancy
Prevention Program

Above the Waist Sexuality Education
Beginning with the Brain for 7th Grade

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The 7th grade curriculum contained 
323 pages, and Archetype also provided
design and editing for the 6th and 8th
grade curricula.