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Our Process
Types of Projects

1. Information Gathering
We ask you questions about your target audience, your project(s), and your marketing goals. Collecting information is critical to the efficiency of the process AND the ultimate effectiveness of your marketing tools. If you’re unsure which marketing strategies to implement and which tools you need, we can help you figure this out as well. At this point, we may also gather printing bids for you.

2. Preconcepting
If you do not have an established brand—and/or if this is the first piece that we are designing for you—we show you samples to find out your tastes, likes, dislikes, and pet peeves. We inquire about any existing artwork that you have on file, the possibility of a professional photo shoot or commissioning illustration, or your openness to using stock art. If you have a sample of a look that you like (or particularly don’t like), this is the time to share it with us. We also like to see samples of all of your existing materials and get a feel from you regarding how the new piece fits into your overall marketing goals. We obtain more detailed info about your organization, your target audience, your challenges, and your overall goals.

3. Production Schedule
We establish a timeline, or production schedule, for your project or series of projects.

4. Comping/Design & Layout
The word “comp” refers to a digital sketch/idea for the look of a printed piece or website. When the piece is longer than one page or panel, usually the comp(s) are provided for one panel only, such as the cover. Once you approve the look based on the cover (and sometimes also a spread of the piece), the chosen design is replicated throughout the piece—or throughout a series of pieces. Ideally, all text has been finalized before the layout process begins.

5. Corrections
Inevitably, you will want to make some changes and corrections after you view your test site online or receive the first complete proof of your printed piece via a PDF from us. Most people provide these corrections via e-mail or fax.

6. Checking & File Prep
Our 50-point checklist helps ensure exceptional quality before your project goes to press or your website is launched.

7. Production or Launch
Now it’s time to send the final files of your piece to the printer or launch your new site.


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