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coverMarch 2016—Among the many projects we tackled this month was the creation of a new program brochure for our long-time client, the Lucy Daniels Center (LDC). LDC is the Triangle’s largest nonprofit provider of mental health services for children. The brochure addresses the multiple audiences of parents, supporters, and other professional care providers. We chose a double parallel reverse fold to best accommodate the content. The brochure was printed extremely cost-effectively without markup using the online printer with which we’re a broker. We've completed hundreds of projects with this printer over the past several years, and our clients have been as pleased with the quality and service as they have with the low pricing.


coverMarch 2016—Congratulations to our client The Hope Center at Pullen for being chosen as the recipient of a $1 million GSK IMPACT Grant! The Hope Center, along with the other six nonprofit members of the Fostering Wellness Collaborative, will use the funds to support young people who are aging out of foster care. Archetype created two popup banners for a media event held at PNC Arena on March 10. For more information about the Hope Center, visit http://hopecenteratpullen.org (their CMS website was designed/built by Archetype).


February 2016Archetype is proud to welcome Dix Park Conservancy as a client. Formerly Dix Visionaries, Dix Park Conservancy is raising funds for the master planning process and subsequent development of a 300-acre destination park on the former Dix Hospital campus near downtown Raleigh. We're excited to help the Conservancy with logo development and brand identity, among other marketing projects.


coverJanuary 2016—Archetype client Self-Help Credit Union released their 29-page Fresh Start report, which we designed and proofread. With funding from MetLife Foundation, Self-Help staff conducted a study regarding the efficacy of their Fresh Start loan product and determined that it boosts credit scores for 70% of borrowers. To view the entire report, click on the cover image.



coverDecember 2015—We'd like to congratulate our long-time client Avance Care on opening two new locations, with more coming soon. Avance Care is the only primary care practice in the Triangle open seven days a week. Projects we completed at the end of 2015 for this client were a general brochure, a brochure about their innovative online services for patients, and numerous other offset and digitally printed pieces of sales collateral.



coverDecember 2015miraclefeet is an inspirational nonprofit working to eradicate clubfoot in the developing world. A child living with untreated clubfoot in a developing country will most likely live in extreme poverty, marginalized and unable to be a contributing member of his or her community. So far, miraclefeet has helped more than 11,000 children become able to walk, play, and attend school. You can read more about this organization's accomplishments and how you can get involved in their 2015 annual impact report, which Archetype edited and designed. We were also honored to produce their two previous impact reports.


coverNovember 2015Archetype completed editing and graphic design for Above The Waist, a human sexuality curriculum for grades 6, 7, and 8 that totaled almost 900 pages. This ambitious project was produced by the Children's Aid Society/Carrera Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program, based in New York City. The curriculum helps young people understand and successfully navigate the social, emotional, and physical changes of adolescence. Through fun, interactive activities, teens learn about assertiveness, effective communication, how their brains and bodies are developing, how to manage stress, and numerous other important aspects of growing up.


coverNovember 2015—The Center for Responsible Lending (CRL) has been a client for more than 15 years. Our work with them primarily involves graphic design and editing for lengthy data reports on financial topics. These reports are released nationally and help inform federal financial policy. Their holiday card is a small project that's fun to complete with CRL staff each year. Click the image to view the cover of the card.


coverOctober 2015Nationally, 36% of young people with a history of foster care experience homelessness, while only 10% enroll in post secondary education. The Hope Center at Pullen connects young people aging out of foster care in Wake County with the resources and support they need for a successful transition to adulthood. Their programs are working: Only 15% of their participants experienced homelessness in 2014, and 51% were enrolled in or maintained enrollment in post secondary education during that same time period. Click the image to enlarge side 1 of their most recent annual report; click here to view side 2.


coverJuly 2015For more than 20 years, Archetype has created the promo materials for the Festival for the Eno. One of the largest Fourth of July celebrations in the state (and certainly the most fun!), the Festival is a program of the Eno River Association. Proceeds from the event are used to protect the water and lands of the Eno River Basin. Click the image to enlarge the program distributed at the Festival.


coverJune 2015Archetype provided writing and design services for the Camp Corral Summary Report. Originally founded by the leadership at Golden Corral, Camp Corral has provided more than 10,000 children of military veterans and service members with a free week of summer camp since 2011. When their parents serve, children make many sacrifices beyond their years. This life-changing week of camp builds skills that foster long-term emotional resilience, while allowing them to connect with other young people who understand the challenges they face.


Annual ReportMay 2015—For the second time, Archetype completed an annual report for Self-Help Credit Union. We used infographics, as well as photos of actual staff and customers, to convey Self-Help’s impact in the communities they serve. In addition to making over $125 million in commercial loans in 2014, Self-Help held almost $1 billion in member deposits.



coverMarch 2015SearStone is a "New Urbanist" retirement community located in Cary, North Carolina. It features its own downtown village, with shopping and recreational opportunities that bring together residents, their families, and people from neighboring communities. The community owns buses that transport residents to various community events and activities, and Archetype designed the vehicle wraps. Click the photo to view multiple images of one of the buses.


February 2015—Archetype welcomed Investors Management Corporation (IMC) as a client and wrote and designed one of their internal reports. Founded in 1971, the IMC Family of Companies includes Golden Corral, Biologics, and Fleet Feet Sports, among others.


coverDecember 2014The Lucy Daniels Center disseminated the winter issue of their newsletter, Connect. Despite the increasing emphasis on social media and other forms of online communications, print remains an essential part of the marketing mix for most organizations. Unlike electronic media, print delivers an enduring message in a physical format—newsletters, business cards, brochures, and even ads/mailers may be retained and referred to for lengthy periods of time. Print tends to be less intrusive and have more gravitas than other forms of media. Printed materials can be also critical for reaching audiences that are 45+, and research indicates that consumers are more engaged when reading printed materials as opposed to online messaging.


coverDecember 2014Archetype created the logo and completed a rebranding effort for Mars Hill Retirement Community almost a decade ago. Since that time, we've continued to write and design their print ads, which appear in a number of North Carolina publications. The ads feature seasonal artwork and messaging, but the overall look and feel of the campaign has remained consistent over time. This consistency is the cornerstone of effective branding. Consistency increases visibility, and higher visibility equates to greater credibility in the minds of the members of your target market. Click to enlarge one of the holiday ads for Mars Hill.


Annual ReportOctober 2014Legal Aid of North Carolina (LANC) is one of the largest law firms in the state and handles almost 25,000 cases each year. Their mission is to provide free legal services in civil matters to low-income people in order to ensure equal access to justice and remove legal barriers to economic opportunity. LANC has been an Archetype client for over 15 years, and we’ve helped with a wide range of projects from posters to fundraising appeals. Among other projects, this month we completed the editing and graphic design for their annual report. Annual reports serve many important functions for nonprofit groups, including communicating accomplishments, conveying financial stability, and thanking supporters. Internally they also serve as important historical documents for the organization.


coverAugust 2014—Due to the dramatic increase in the number of Spanish speakers in the United States, clients sometimes ask us to create an English version and a Spanish version of the same piece of sales collateral. Spanish content requires approximately 18% more space than English text with the same meaning, so spacing needs to be tweaked throughout the Spanish version. Clients and customers like to be able to “see themselves” in promotional literature, so often a greater number of stock images of Latinos are used in Spanish-language materials. High-quality, royalty-free images of a wide variety of ethnic groups are available for reasonable prices online. Or, clients can opt to conduct a photo shoot of actual staff and clients. Click the image to enlarge this fact sheet for Legal Aid of North Carolina.


coverJuly 2014Infographics! When well-designed, they convey complex info quickly and clearly. Infographics tend to receive more attention than plain text, and many people find data that is presented graphically easier to absorb and more memorable. Easily shared on the web, infographics may be more likely than text-based resources to go viral. They may also catch the eye of journalists by standing out from text-only news releases. Click to expand the thumbnail of an infographic on consumer protection created for our long-time client, the Center for Responsible Lending (CRL).


coverApril 2014NCVetsLegal.org features 500+ pages of legal information on a wide range of topics for North Carolina veterans and their families. Archetype worked with the staff of the North Carolina Equal Access to Justice Commission to create the NC Vets Legal logo and establish a brand identity; we then proceeded with the design/build for the site. Click the logo to visit NCVetsLegal.org.


coverApril 2014The Hope Center at Pullen launched their new website that continues the brand identity created by Archetype with their image brochure. We created this CMS (content management system) website in WordPress, a free open-source platform, so that staff could make ongoing changes to the site themselves. WordPress is extremely user-friendly, with a back end interface similar to Word. Click the image to visit the home page of the site.


coverMarch 2014— Archetype was pleased to work with the Town of Angier to create promotional materials for their new concert series. The series was held at the historic train depot in downtown Angier and featured music from a variety of genres, including jazz, bluegrass, and acoustic roots.




ReportJanuary 2014— The North Carolina Equal Access to Justice Commission released their economic benefits report. Designed by Archetype, the report concluded that representation by the three legal aid providers in the state resulted in a total positive economic impact of almost $49 million in 2012.




coverDecember 2013Youth Thrive is a collaborative partnership working to support all Wake County youth in becoming productive adults. They focus on strengthening the positive attributes that enable youth to be fully prepared for success in school, work, and life, and they value the perspective of youth. Archetype has assisted Youth Thrive with a variety of projects, including creating a CMS website and providing editing and design for a lengthy data report. In addition to electronic media efforts, an image brochure was determined to be an important tool for communicating the vision and primary activities of the collaborative to the target market.



coverSeptember 2013Archetype was pleased to welcome FINCA as a client. FINCA stands for "Foundation for International Community Assistance," and John Hatch founded this nonprofit, microfinance organization in 1984. In developing countries and emerging markets throughout the world, FINCA helps communities grow by providing owners of small enterprises with critical services like savings accounts and individual and business loans. Archetype assisted the organization with the design of a series of training materials.



coverJune 2013Wake County SmartStart (WCSS) released their 2011–2012 Annual Report designed by Archetype. The activities of WCSS focus on promoting and supporting early childhood learning. Effective annual reports are of course visually compelling, while providing an overview of an organization's mission, progress, and outcomes. They serve as important historical documents internally for many years to come. Annual reports may also be used to present a summary of an organization's vision of what lies ahead to current supporters and other audiences.


coverMay 2013Archetype worked with North Carolina State University and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to create this guide to native plants suitable for coastal North Carolina landscapes. Native plants create vital habitats that sustain our native wildlife. They're also uniquely adapted to local environmental conditions and require less water, pesticide, and fertilizer. Additionally, many are beautiful, as the guide attests.



coverMarch 2013Springmoor Life Care Retirement Community is located in northwest Raleigh on 42 wooded acres. The community is designed to support independent living, as well as the guarantee of lifetime security. Springmoor offers a wide range of residences, services, and amenities, as well as comprehensive health care for seniors. Archetype helped Springmoor staff with a wide variety of print materials, direct mail, and advertisements over a multi-year period. Click on the image to view a trifold mailer.


coverDecember 2012EarthShare North Carolina has been an Archetype client for more than 15 years. We were pleased to once again assist them with their newsletter/annual report, which they cost-effectively produce as one document. We also design their campaign brochure each year, as well as working with them to create direct mail, posters, and other projects.



coverNovember 2012Arts Together is the only nonprofit in Raleigh with a year-round arts education program that offers visual art, dance, and drama in a multi-arts format for ages three through adult. As a community school for the arts, they cultivate individual creative strengths in a diverse, inclusive, collaborative, and nurturing environment. Their many programs include summer camp, a preschool, and Raleigh's only multi-generational dance company (the Rainbow Dance Company). Archetype was delighted to be chosen to produce the logo for their 3oth anniversary celebration and promotional efforts.


coverAugust 2012—Headquartered in New York City, the Children’s Aid Society was founded in 1853 to help children in poverty succeed. A primary component of their programming today is the prevention of teen pregnancy, and the Society’s Carrera Adolescent Sexuality and Pregnancy Prevention Program has been replicated or adapted in 21 states. In August, Archetype completed editing and design for the Power Group Curriculum for Ninth Grade. Facilitated by a licensed mental health provider, weekly Power Group meetings support teens as they learn to problem solve, improve communication with parents, identify and express feelings constructively, and much more.


coverApril 2012—This report on the cost to consumers of auto loan interest rate markup is one of the dozens of projects that Archetype has designed for the Center for Responsible Lending (CRL) since 2001. With offices in DC, Durham, and California, CRL works to ensure a fair, inclusive financial marketplace that creates opportunities for all responsible borrowers, regardless of their income. This nonprofit, non-partisan organization works to protect homeownership and family wealth by fighting predatory lending practices. They focus on consumer lending (mortgages, payday loans, credit cards, bank overdrafts, and auto loans).


coverMarch 2012—Logo creation is some of the most exciting and challenging work that we do for our clients. In this instance, our client Arts Together needed a logo and identity materials for an annual awards event. Successful logos, though a disparate lot in terms of actual design, share several qualities. They are practical to use, in that they work big or small, as well as in color or black and white. They translate well across a brand range of media. In addition to serving as a memorable symbol of an organization, they often trigger or communicate emotion.


coverDecember 2011—Our long-time client CRL (the Center for Responsible Lending) asked us to create a series of web ads for use on their existing website. These clickable ads targeted consumers and directed them to helpful information on managing their personal finances. Topics addressed included the perils of payday lending, car title loans, debt settlement, and overdraft fees.


coverAugust 2011Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Legacy at Mills River combines the equity power of homeownership with the security of a continuing care retirement community. Archetype designed this luncheon invitation as a trifold mailer that conveys both the natural beauty of the area and the feel of the Arts and Crafts movement that the design of this planned community will reflect.


coverJuly 2011Archetype was pleased to welcome Foppiano Mediations as a new client. The owner, attorney Christie Foppiano, needed a logo, website, and identity materials to help promote the launch of her new firm. To begin the process of developing a logo for any new client, we spend time up front gaining a thorough understanding of the client's industry, design preferences, and marketing goals, in addition to the demographics of the target market. After we've assembled this background information, we're ready to create options. Often the initial sketches of the logo are drawn on paper, but we quickly move to manipulating lines, shapes, and colors on screen. We present you with "comps" (possible ideas) for your logo and continue to refine the look until you're 100% happy with the new visual representation of your company or organization.


March 2011—Archetype is pleased to welcome two new clients located in Virginia: Cabin Creekwood (mountain cabin rentals) and DelFosse Vineyards and Winery.

fbnc cover
February 2011
The Center for Responsible Lending (CRL) released their 2010 end-of-year report. The report details the Center’s impressive accomplishments, which include facilitating the passage of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. We've been proud to call CRL a client since 2004.



lanc 4January 2011—We created a 30th anniversary logo for the North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCCADV). This organization has been an Archetype client for over a decade; other projects completed for NCCADV include conference brochures, newsletters, and annual reports.


lanc 4December 2010Legal Aid of North Carolina (LANC) completed their 2009 Annual Report. A statewide, nonprofit law firm that provides free legal services in civil matters to low-income people, LANC closed over 24,000 cases in 2009. Their staff of 150 attorneys and 50 paralegals helps ensure equal access to justice and removes legal barriers to economic opportunity.


November 2010—Welcome, Rockbridge Area Habitat for Humanity! We’re excited to be working with this nonprofit organization to help them achieve their mission of eliminating substandard housing from Rockbridge County, Virginia, by partnering with the community and by helping qualified individuals and families build and afford safe and decent housing. Archetype has also worked with two other Habitat for Humanity affiliates: Habitat for Humanity of Wake County and Habitat for Humanity of Durham.


October 2010—We are proud to celebrate our ninth anniversary of partnering with WellPath Select, Inc. located in Morrisville, NC. WellPath is a Coventry Health Care Plan serving over 155,000 North and South Carolina residents. Archetype has provided writing, editing, and proofing services to WellPath on numerous occasions since 2001. 


fbnc coverSeptember 2010—Congratulations to the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina on three decades of service! Our client since 2006, the Food Bank celebrated its 30th Anniversary at the Governor’s Mansion on September 30. Attendees included Governor Beverly Perdue and former governor James B. Hunt, Jr. Archetype designed an event program and a commemorative booklet for the event.


August 2010—Archetype is pleased to welcome The Pantry, Inc./Kangaroo Express as a new client. With over 1,650 locations in 11 states, The Pantry, Inc. is the leading operator of convenience stores in the Southeast.


lanc 4July 2010Legal Aid of North Carolina created and sent their first HTML e-mails, a newsletter and an announcement. Click the thumbnail image to view the e-newsletter as a PDF. Archetype provided editing and design/build services. Unlike plain text e-mails, HTML e-mails allow you to deliver messages with compelling graphics to recipients’ inboxes, helping your information get the attention it deserves. Conventional marketing wisdom is that you should touch base with the members of your target market at least every other month. With no printing or postage costs, HTML e-mails can be an affordable, effective addition to your marketing mix.


June 2010The 10 Year Results Plan to End Homelessness in Durham/Durham Affordable Housing Coalition announced the completion of their new CMS (Content Management System) website. Visit this site initially designed and built by Archetype. We then trained the staff how to make their own ongoing changes to the site, which we built using WordPress.


WCSSMay 2010—In fiscal year 2008–2009, Wake County SmartStart (WCSS) funded services and activities to support and enhance the care provided at almost 70% of the child care facilities in Wake County. Click the image to review their 2008–2009 Annual Report, which was completed in May. Archetype provided writing and print management services, in addition to graphic design.


April 2010Smedes York, Chairman of The York Companies, and George York, President of York Properties, made a presentation on Cameron Village Shopping Center at the Urban Land Institute meeting in Boston. Completed in 1949, Cameron Village was one of the first shopping centers to be built in the United States. Archetype has completed numerous projects for The York Companies.


NCCADVApril 2010—The North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCCADV) announced the launch of North Carolina’s first state plan to prevent intimate partner violence (IPV). The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) funded efforts in 14 states to engage in a data-driven planning effort to develop a state plan to prevent IPV. For the past three years, NCCADV has facilitated the work of an 18-member State Steering Committee to create a plan for our state. Click the image to review the public plan's 12-page executive summary, designed by Archetype.

nccacdcApril 2010—The North Carolina Association of Community Development Corporations (NCACDC) announced their 2010 Community Economic Development Studies course. This 110-hour course has educated economic development professionals across the country for more than 20 years. Click the image to view this double-sided postcard.


March 2010—In a given year, over 2,500 different people are homeless in Durham. The staff and volunteers of the 10 Year Results Plan to End Homelessness in Durham/Durham Affordable Housing Coalition are working to change this, and Archetype welcomes them as a new client. With the adoption of a 10 Year Plan, Durham joined over 200 cities across the nation committed to ending homelessness in their community. This substantial undertaking requires the support of local and state elected officials, human service providers, the private sector, faith-based entities, and residents from throughout the city and county. To get involved in the plan, call 919.683.1185.


esncFebruary 2010EarthShare North Carolina (ESNC) released their 2008–2009 Annual Report in the spring issue of their newsletter. Despite the recession, it was a growth year for this environmental protection organization. EarthShare has been an Archetype client since 2002, and we were pleased to receive the ESNC “Community Friend” award in 2006. Click the image to see a PDF of this newsletter/annual report.

January 2010—Archetype would like to congratulate our client Avance Care for having over 12,000 patient visits (with a 98% satisfaction rating) in their first 18 months of operation. Primary care providers with evening and weekend hours, Avance Care opened its doors in January of 2008. Avance Care is now planning additional locations in the Triangle. Archetype has completed numerous projects for Avance Care.


January 2010—We are pleased to welcome Wake County SmartStart as a new client. Since 1996, this nonprofit has worked to ensure that Wake County children from birth to 5 are prepared for success in school and in life. The organization prioritizes community needs and focuses on funding projects in the following areas: available and accessible quality child care; safe and supportive home environments; and kindergarten readiness. In fiscal year 2009–10, with an allocation of $16 million, Wake County SmartStart funded 13 partner agencies that managed 24 activities.


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